Our Core Values.

Customer obsessed.

Obsession is a strong word. We have not used it lightly. Obsession represents a constancy. A strength of understanding and capacity to anticipate. And for us it means going above and beyond. We are as invested in our customers and stakeholders as they are with us, building trust and long-term relationships.

The devil is in the detail. Only from this can we get the broad overview. For as much as people tell me how good I am at seeing the big picture, I’ve always wanted to drill down, to know more and explore why. A complex problem requires detail to overcome it.

Kevin Stevens
Founder & President

Quality focused.

This is where we stand apart. If quality is about standards, then that’s where we have set out our stall. Excellence in the way we operate, the manner in which we deliver and the projects we focus our efforts on. From the sites we invest in, the professionals we work with, to the specifications and flow in kitchens of the homes we build, quality is the common thread and the building block of our success.

I’ve worked with Kevin since before he sold his last commercial property business ultimately to Goldman Sachs, which after 150 years is a group which definitely understands the value of a good investment! The E5 difference? The quality of the portfolio.

David Kahn
Investor, UK
Head of Strategy

Results driven.

We maximise our strengths to drive superior results. Our foundations are strong but not rigid. We are flexible, dynamic and agile in our approach to real estate investment and development. Our laser focus on customer and stakeholder requirements, total commitment to quality combined with our experience, create the chemistry for exceptional results. We are about the long term and are driven by a desire to create financial and social value, now and for the future.