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An ageing society presents a challenge with which the current social care system is not yet equipped to deal. Hospitals are at capacity. Trusted and hard-working medical and care staff are on the front-line and the number of people coming through the National Health Service (NHS) doors in the UK is constantly rising.

E5 Living

Kevin Stevens, who owes his life to the UK’s NHS, is no stranger to the extensive support of the health service. E5 Care is to offer a private sector approach to help solve what has traditionally been a public sector problem.

The E5 Care division sets out to support both local authority and NHS Trusts across the UK, to help with the critical problem of caring for an ever-increasing ageing population and to address the needs of senior citizens without the stigma of an institutional “care home”. The objective is to create a community of quality homes that provide a sense of belonging and assisted care, offering an opportunity to retain the individual’s dignity by providing an increased level of independence and a high quality of life. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where residents can enjoy their retirement years in a supportive and caring environment.

E5 Living
E5 Living

The first of these senior-assisted-living projects will be based in Grimsby and Dudley in the Midlands, providing two community projects of 77-200 homes with an onsite warden, convenience store, hairdresser, community social centre and other care facilities, located beside an NHS hospital for nursing and post-operative care to relieve bed-blocking.

Our goal is to make the provision of quality care more affordable for local authorities while supporting hospitals with the provision of step-down and nursing-care facilities, where someone who doesn’t need to be in hospital, but equally is not yet ready to return home, can be looked after. By designing a blended care facility such as the one we propose in Dudley, we can deliver a solution to the social care crisis, save on operational costs locally and remain within existing local authority budgets.

Kevin Stevens
President & Founder